Troy Granite has the largest indoor warehouse in Delaware, Pittsburgh, PA and Harrisburg, PA.  We have over 140 different varieties of granite with over 1,100 full size slabs in stock on each location.  Several times per year we sit and discuss which Granite, stone colors and patterns will best suit our customers needs, and then we travel around the globe selecting the most beautiful, highest quality stones we can find to meet those needs.  No matter what your project looks like, we have granite to match it.  Our selection is second to none.

2-Family Owned:

We are a local, family owned granite company and proud of it.  When you walk through our doors, you become a part of the Troy Granite family too.  In fact, you might even be invited to a fishing trip, paintball tournament or picnic every once in a while!  Every member of the Troy Granite family operates each day under the same ideal, to treat others as we want to be treated.  We care about your needs, and handle every project as if it were for our own home, no matter how big or how small.  You can rest assured that we will do all we can to make sure you receive the best product, service and price we can give.

3-Local Business:

Because we are a local company we care about our community too.  We pride ourselves on using products made right here in the USA.  Local people with local jobs means every purchase from Troy Granite helps to build our economy; we’re all in this together.  Together, we can help our community and our world.  Green Reveal is our environmentally conscious fabrication process.  Troy Granite’s facility is a dust free fabrication warehouse with a custom made water treatment system allowing us to use our own recycled water in our machines.  We work with local concrete companies, allowing them to use our natural stone waste for concrete raw material.  We believe in doing all that we can to make the world around us a better place than we found it.

4-No Middleman:

From the first time you walk through our doors until you are a fully satisfied customer, Troy Granite employees will be taking care of you every step of the way.  You will have the opportunity to meet several employees, from the salesperson who shows you around our warehouse, to our template specialist who ensures your granite will fit just right, to the fabricators who will be personally cutting your stone, to the installers who ensure the job is finished right and on time .  Every step of the way you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of because every step is completed by a member of the Troy Granite family.

5-Turnaround Time:

Because everything is done in house, our turnaround time and price are unbeatable.  You don’t have to wait 3 weeks for someone else to come measure your home, we will be there ourselves in a matter of days (sometimes even the same day) and will have your granite fabricated and installed within 10 business days.  We work with you to have your project fit your schedule. Your project can be Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation even a small vanity top no matter what we’ll be there.


For a customized granite project, Troy Granite’s experts are the best in the industry.  When you’re getting a new kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace etc. you want your project done the way you want it done.  We at Troy Granite are here to help you with that.  Our fabrication and install teams are incredibly talented at making your project look better than you could have imagined.  While a personally customized countertop might take us a little bit more time, we believe it is worth every second of our effort when we see the satisfaction on your face.  From start to finish no one gives you more choices than Troy Granite.

7-Quality Products:

Troy Granite – Affordable Luxury.  It’s more than just a tagline or a catchy slogan.  Troy Granite has more highly satisfied customers than anyone in the area because we use only the highest quality products and employ on the highest quality people.  When it comes to granite projects there are a lot of choices, we don’t believe that the quality of the stone should be one of them.  Many companies use thinner or lower quality stones to save a little bit of money, but there’s always a trade-off.  Troy Granite doesn’t operate that way.  We use only top quality, 3-centimeter stones for all our granite projects, but do so at prices comparable to the lower quality and thinner stones.  We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice quality to save a few dollars.  In other words, you still get luxury at affordable prices.  We might make a little less money than our competitors on our projects, but we believe that our customers will appreciate the difference.  Satisfied customers are more important to us than the bottom line.

8-Quality People:

High-quality products demand high-quality service.  The Troy Granite family is the best in the area.  Our team consists of industry experts from around the world.  Becoming an expert isn’t easy.  It takes time, patience and hard work.  Every member of the Troy Granite team takes part in Troy University, one of the highest quality education and training programs in the industry.  Every employee receives comprehensive, hands-on training for every aspect of their job in order to ensure they are among the best in the business.  From the moment you first walk through our doors, you will be able to appreciate the time and energy we put into every employee to make sure we give you the highest quality service at the best possible price.  Some companies think that the newest technology is what makes the best product.  We know that the best product is made by the best-trained team with the best tools available.  When new tools or technologies come available, we don’t immediately jump to the newest thing, but rather take our time to decide what will allow us to make the best possible product at the best possible price.  Your needs drive our technology.  Troy Granite– Affordable Luxury; it’s what we do, because it’s what we believe you deserve.

9-One Stop Shop:

Life is busy, and it seems to get busier every day.  The last thing you need is to have to deal with 20 different companies just to complete 1 project.  Troy Granite is a one-stop shop for your kitchen, bathroom, bar area etc. remodeling project.  In today’s world, time is money…and we save you both!

We have experts in design, flooring, cabinetry, tile and stone.  From a sketch on a napkin to your brand new kitchen, we take care of you every step of the way.  Having everything under one roof makes life a little easier for you, and makes your project more affordable.


Not only do we have the largest indoor showroom in Delaware, the best-trained team in the area, and the highest quality products available, but we also have prices that cannot be beaten.

For more information please visit http://www.troygranite.com

hundreds of new slabs every month.  Because we have such great buying power, we are able to purchase stones at a significant discount directly from the quarry; because everything is done by our team, we are able to keep labor costs lower; and because we are a local company, transportation time and costs can be kept to a minimum.  All of this means lower costs for us, which means lower prices for you.  Troy Granite can and will match any competitor’s price.  We don’t believe that just because you are getting a premium product you should have to pay a premium price.