A Kitchen Renovation: What to Expect

by S. B. Wagner For most, a kitchen renovation is a long anticipated project - not surprising, since it is often considered the heart of the home where we spend valuable time with our families, entertain a house full of guests, or just enjoy the art of cooking. The...

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Stone Whisperer

by Jim Cebeci Back in my home country marble or granite kitchens were commonplace. Not just the countertops but the floors, stairs, bathrooms and walls are granite and marble. It’s not necessarily because it’s affordable, but over thousands of years it has become...

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Solid Surface Upgrading: Nature Made vs Man Made

by Harry Guclu Granite Countertops are still one of the best solid surface countertop options in the market and continue applications to maintain strong demand in the housing industry. What may be a light at the end of this long tunnel; the residential housing market...

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