Kitchen Remodeling: There is no doubt that kitchens are the most important part of your house. You might not realize this but, when you’re in the process of purchasing a house, you pay more attention to, and ask yourself more questions about the kitchen than any other room in the house. Such as how big is the kitchen? Has it been recently updated? Does it have an outside window? Does it have an island? Is the kitchen countertop granite or not?  All of these factors play a really big part in your final decision. Same as when you are selling your house, potential buyers always check for these factors.

Most homeowners think that kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations are a really big, expensive and painful process. If you are working with unprofessional contractors or small kitchen and bathroom renovation companies, then yes, it can be a big headache for you.  Kitchen renovations involve various professionals and materials to finish your project. In order to complete a renovation, you need to update your countertop, kitchen cabinets, and floor. To update all these materials, you need to have a countertop installer, carpenter, plumber, and floor installer; however, if you are live in the Delaware, Pittsburgh, or Harrisburg areas, stop by Troy Granite.  We’ll show you how simple and inexpensive your kitchen or bathroom renovation can be.  At Troy Granite, all of our plumbers, carpenters, and floor and countertop installers are in-house, full-time employees as well as our full-time interior designers.

Let’s say you want to update your kitchen or bathroom and you don’t know where to start; if you decide to go with Troy Granite here is the step by step process.

1-Call us for free in-home estimate

2-Stop by any Troy Granite showroom to choose your granite, marble or quartz countertop for your kitchen.

3- Work directly with our interior designer to choose the best cabinets and flooring for your kitchen.

4- Demolition

5-Cabinet installation

6-Countertop installation

7-Floor installation

8-Plumbing connection

9-Backsplash Installations

10-Enjoy your new kitchen.