When you purchase your Granite Countertops or Quartz from Troy Granite, there a couple of processes to complete your Granite countertop renovation.

Step 1 Estimate

Step 2 Showroom

Step 3 Templating

Step 4 Fabrication

Step 5 Installation

If you are interested to know more about our Kitchen Renovation steps please scroll down to see Troy Granite’s process. There is actually one other step called “Granite layout”. This step usually happens between Step 3 Templating and Step 4 Fabrication.

What is a Granite Layout? When you purchase your Granite from Troy granite, you get a visit from one of our highly trained template professionals.  He measures every single inch of your kitchen and creates a template model of your kitchen for Fabrication to cut your Granite to perfection. Between the Template process and the Fabrication process, you will tell us which part of your granite color will go on which part of your countertop. We call this step your “Granite layout”

Granite layouts depend on which color you choose or what kind of pattern is on the Granite. If the granite that you choose is only a solid color or there is no pattern you don’t have to do a layout because every section of your Granite will be the same color or pattern.

If you would like to know more about Granite please visit one of our Troy Granite showrooms and speak with a sales associate.  We will be very happy to help you with any kind of home remodeling, kitchen, or bathroom remodeling project.

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